PATCH1I’ve passed the corner many times and wondered how this 20-panel mural on the site of a former gas station came to be. Turns out it’s a Patch Project, supported by the Sustainable Thinking and Expression on Public Space (STEPS) organization.

PATCH4Developers by law must make 50% of the fencing around building sites available for some form of artwork. This summer TORONTO is one big construction site yet again, which means hoardings abound, providing outlets for a 100-strong crew of local artists. They’re creating murals, live events and on-site heritage displays in neighbourhoods across town.

PATCH3PATCH2“POLLINATORS”, supported by OBEN FLATS, was created by NICK SWEETMAN using acrylic and aerosols. It went up during the winter and will remain there while a 13-storey building goes up behind.

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