SUBWAY13Many of us take TORONTO’s subway system for granted.  It’s been there since March 30, 1954 and for the most part it’s clean and reliable day in and day out.  “Tunnel Vision” the story of Toronto’s subway” is an exhibition of photographs, maps, plans, ephemera and artifacts from the earliest public transit until the present day .  For anyone who loves trains and tunnels or is curious about our city’s transit system.  Website – http://www.toronto.ca/marketgallery

SUBWAY1<A wine and gold subway sign – retired>

SUBWAY5<Opening day ceremonial first run from Davisville Station to Union, March 30, 1954>

SUBWAY7<Toronto newspaper headlines as the subway is being built>

SUBWAY3SUBWAY8SUBWAY6<Toronto Transit’s Grey Cup float, 1950’s>

SUBWAY12<“The Toronto Subway Song” by the Ozzie Williams Band, 1950, not in the exhibition>

060517_subway_car2_300<A modern subway train on Line 1>

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