KEENAN5Broadcaster and newspaper columnist EDWARD KEENAN is known for telling it like it is. In a March 8 column he’s concerned that York Region (i.e. the 905 outer ring of suburban towns, cities and sprawl) is lobbying the federal government for cash to extend TORONTO’s subway (largely paid for by city taxpayers) to Richmond Hill “a neighbouring city up there in the northlands”.  The column – ‘No room for Vaughan in Toronto transit’ – opens with a vivid description of the 905 City of VAUGHAN . . .

KEENAN3With that out of the way, the main concern of Mr. Keenan is that folks in Richmond Hill will get first choice of seats and standing room on TTC trains heading south to TORONTO. By the time the trains reach the city limits, the good burghers waiting there (who are paying for the system) will have to squeeze themselves aboard.  To make a long story short, Mr. Keenan and the good burghers don’t think it’s fair to extend their subway further into the ‘burbs.  That’s putting it mildly.

KEENAN2KEENAN6<Edward Keenan, columnist Toronto Star>

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