DANCE6 It may not be the largest gallery/archives/museum in town, but DANCE COLLECTION DANSE, 149 Church Street (301) in TORONTO has a devoted following both online and on-site. Founded in 1986, the national archive and publisher is dedicated to the preservation of Canada’s theatrical dance history.  Programming combines collection, exhibition, preservation, research, publishing and education. Website: http://www.dcd.ca

DANCE1PHOTO ABOVE – Jean Grand-Maître, Artistic Director, Alberta Ballet with Swan Lake dancers (2012) – “Dance Collection Danse’s efforts to preserve and archive the vibrant and ground breaking legacy of Canada’s internationally acclaimed artists is as important to our culture as the creators’ repertoire. I applaud them for their valiant efforts and for being such excellent caretakers of an often neglected art form.”

DANCE4Justin Trudeau, now Canada’s Prime Minister, and his younger brother Sacha, tries out the Nutcracker sleigh, surrounded by the National Ballet’s Artistic Director Alexander Grand and Principal Dancer Nadia Potts.

DANCE2Detail from The Nutcracker backdrop, painted in the late 1940’s

DANCE3Costume sketches from the Charlottetown Festival by Frances Dafoe


Jury Gotshalks and Irene Apinee, Swan Lake, 1951  –  Hours: Monday to Friday, 10-4 or by appointment.

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