FORDBOOK1Prediction: this juicy ‘tell-all’ tome will be flying off the shelves as Torontonians relive the Mayor Rob Ford days/daze – now behind us, but still in a dark corner of our minds.  Authors Johanna Schneller and Mark Twohey have written about the most ridiculed and scandal-ridden mayor this city has ever elected.

FORDBOOK4Ford’s former chief-of-staff MARK TWOHEY, a conservative military man, takes us behind-the-scenes to reveal details previously unknown about Ford’s crack and booze-laden “administration”.  The book is the first about Ford by a former insider, who was summarily fired and marched out the door during the mayor’s crack cocaine scandal.  He’s now a broadcaster.

FORDBOOK3Mayor Rob Ford: Uncontrollable; How I Tried to Help the World’s Most Notorious Mayor will be released on Oct. 27, publisher Skyhorse Publishing says.  The book description reads “Towhey gives an insider account of working with Ford, covering for him, managing a man who people see as a joke, who trips over himself in videos; who throws candy at children instead of handing it to them; who rants and raves, and gets belligerent in meetings and at private events.”


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