SEARCHLIGHTS1Walking through PARKDALE, I came across this poem by Harry Rudolfs, attached to a glass doorway.  A resident of the neighbourhood, Harry worked as a dishwasher, apprentice mechanic, editor, trucker, foreign correspondent and taxi driver. He’s written over 100 articles for North American and European journals and newspapers, including features for the Ottawa Citizen, Toronto Life and CBC radio.Searchlights in Parkdale
searchlights in my youth
beaming into the night sky
from one of the North Toronto
car dealerships
squatting on my haunches
beside the tarred road
with binoculars
searching the exaggerated valleys
of lamplit streets
running toward Yonge Street
so tonight the four beams
intersecting skyward outside
my window in Parkdale
draw me to railing
hands gripping iron bars
trying to look around the corner

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