toronto_star_weekly_at_war_1940_december_14Sunday morning reading at our house in the 1950’s: the New York Daily News (crime and show biz); the Saturday Evening Post (illustrations by Norman Rockwell) and the Star Weekly, a picture magazine about the Canadian Dominion and the world.  Published in TORONTO, the Star Weekly was distributed coast to coast the hard way – by road, rail and air.  A non-glossy, it was essential reading – my mother never missed an issue.   Its photographs found their way into thousands of scrapbooks.toronto_star_weekly_at_war_1940_november_23The Star Weekly’s wartime covers have been collected into a book “The Star Weekly At War”, available at  As an antidote to the horrors of actual war, these cover illustrations seem cheerful, heroic and oftentimes romantic.7-25<Wartime fashions, Star Weekly magazine, September 4, 1941>

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