PARKINGLOTS2Coming out of the 1960’s when tearing stuff down to make way for the automobile was considered progress, our city centre was littered with surface car parks. But eventually wiser heads prevailed, and now all but a couple of them are gone, converted into parks and development with below-grade parking.  <PHOTO ABOVE – St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood, ca1970> – all of these parking lots have been developed and a triangular-shaped Berczy Park with fountains was created behind the Flatiron Building.  A change for the better in the oldest part of the city.

PARKINGLOTS1<PHOTO ABOVE – shadow of the CN Tower crosses acres of surface car parks on the south side of King & Wellington Streets.  They’ve been replaced by David Pecaut Square, the Metro Hall complex, the Ritz Carlton Hotel, and the Royal Bank of Canada tower>  City of Toronto Archives – photos

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