Don Valley East councillor DENZIL MINNAN-WONG has made a career out of complaining and nitpicking. Lately the Deputy Mayor has been sinking his pincers into Waterfront Toronto, award-winning Sugar Beach and its pink umbrellas, and a new washroom built at the Cherry Beach Sports Fields.

MINNAN-WONG2Metro News columnist MATT ELLIOTT <PHOTO ABOVE>: “For years he’s taken regular shots at Waterfront Toronto — the agency tasked with waterfront development by the municipal, provincial and federal governments . . . It’s tiresome. Not because Waterfront Toronto’s efforts to finally revitalize the city’s waterfront have been beyond criticism, but because it’s not clear Minnan-Wong has any kind of alternative strategy in mind for the management of waterfront projects.”

MINNAN-WONG4“I can’t abide by those who only want to tear down Waterfront Toronto’s efforts just as those efforts are really starting to pay off. There’s a good vibe down at TORONTO’s waterfront — finally. Let’s celebrate that.”


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