AUSTIN2      <Mayor Tory receives the Key to the City of AUSTIN from Mayor Steve Adler>

MAYOR JOHN TORY, returning from four days in AUSTIN, Texas during that city’s SXSW Festival: “If TORONTO could ever do for music what has been done for film, in terms of having a signature event (TIFF) and building up the industry with year ‘round jobs, this would be a huge contribution to all aspects of life in the city.

TORONTO is going to be a bit more complicated because our city is bigger (than AUSTIN) and our traffic is bigger . . . but it’s incredible . . . all that music coming out of all these places and all that music on the street,” said Mr. Tory.

AUSTIN4JESSE KUMANGAI, a member of TORONTO’s music-advisory council and who works for concert promoter Live Nation: “The mayor has seen how the music industry interfaces with the community. He gets it and he’s very result-driven and I don’t think he’s going to let another year-and-a-half slip away (since then-mayor ROB FORD visited SXSW).”

AUSTIN7Mayor Tory and his contingent met with IBM, Google and AMD, three major tech companies now growing in AUSTIN thanks partly to the city’s embrace of the music industry and the quality of life there. <BEN RAYNER at SXSW/Toronto Star, March 22/2015>


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