SNOW5Three years ago he was exhibiting at the Art Gallery of Ontario, then the Power Plant. One year ago it was his “Photo-Centric” show at the PHILADEPHIA Museum of Art. Now he’s presenting “A Group Show” at the Jack Shainman Gallery in CHELSEA.  Michael Snow lives and works in TORONTO.

SNOW2 <PHOTO ABOVE – Michael Snow, solo piano concert at J. Paul Getty Foundation, Los Angeles, April 20, 2005When he first came to NEW YORK in 1962 he was part of three different worlds: music, film and jazz. “I played every night, after spending all day at the studio making art work,” he said about his time in New York. “But they didn’t really have any connection. It was just that the same guy did them.”

SNOW3 SNOW4SNOW6<PHOTOS ABOVE – Michael Snow works familiar to Canadians: 1) the iconic ‘Walking Woman’ 2) ‘The Audience’, Rogers Centre  3) ‘Flight Stop’, Eaton Centre, TORONTO, Ronnie Yip photographer>

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