UTORONTO1The geographic centre of downtown TORONTO is devoted to politics, medicine and education. The Ontario legislature and provincial government buildings, a complex of 5 hospitals and scientific research facilities, and the University of TORONTO occupy several city blocks north to south, east to west.

UTORONTO2The University of TORONTO was founded by royal charter as King’s College in 1827. It was originally controlled by the Church of England, but is now a secular institution made up of twelve colleges.  U of T was the birthplace of insulin and stem cell research, site of the first practical electron microscope, developed multi-touch technology, identified Cygnus X-1 as a black hole and developed the theory of NP completeness. By a significant margin, it receives the most annual research funding of any Canadian university.

UTORONTO3Some facts and figures:
3 campuses
12,000 faculty members
66,000 undergraduate students
Domestic tuition $5,695-$13,203 depending on the program
International tuition $16,886 to $48,293
32 libraries
3 art galleriesOn the downtown St. George campus (where these photos were taken) there are more than 58,000 undergraduate students, 30 restaurants, 1 publishing house, 34 special constables, 21 incubator start-ups and 8 commercial businesses.
SUBWAY STOPS: Queen’s Park, St. George, Museum


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