OPERAATELIER2<ABOVE – Cast of Opera Atelier’s Persée in the Hall of Mirrors at the Royal Palace of Versailles; photographer – Bruce Zinger>  OPERA ATELIER will soon pay its third visit to the Royal Opera House in the Palace of Versailles. The first was in 2012 with a production of Armide. The second visit took place in May/2014 with Persée. And they’ve now been invited back for a third Versailles appearance next spring.  In between, the company staged Mozart’s little known Lucio Silla at the SALTZBURG Festival to critical acclaim. They’ll present that same opera in February, 2015 at the world-renowned La Scala Opera House in MILAN.  According to theatre critic RICHARD OUZOUNIAN, the San Francisco Opera “is now requesting a spot on Opera Atelier’s increasingly crowded dance card.”


Opera Atelier was founded in 1985 by co-artistic director MARSHALL PYNKOSKI and his dancer/choreographer wife, JEANETTE LAJEUNESSE ZINGG. Their plan was to perform Baroque operas in their “original theatrical modes.”  “It was the most incredible thing,” says Pynkoski. “(Versailles was) so grateful at how our run of Persée had gone, sold out for every performance with hundreds of folding chairs being shoved in to accommodate the crowds, that they decided to let us have access to the Hall of Mirrors.  “The great photographer Annie Leibovitz once had to wait two years to use the same space, so we felt truly honoured.”  And TORONTO should be “truly honoured” to act as home-base for this unique and amazing opera company.

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