GAMES5There’s something new in front of city hall. It’s a massive clock, counting down the seconds before the Pan-Am/Parapan Games begin on July 10, 2015. 7,666 athletes, coaches and officials, competing in 51 sports, are expected from 41 countries.


Ontario Premier KATHLEEN WYNNE’s message to the athletes: “Just remember we are all behind you. We want you to be successful. We are enthusiastic through you, and for you, and with you.”


TORONTO will gain a dynamic new waterfront neighbourhood, a student residence and YMCA, market-value condos, affordable housing, parks and green space, a second Olympic-sized pool, improved sports facilities on 3 university campuses, new roads, sewers and public transit, and a rail connection to Pearson International Airport.  15 surrounding suburbs and cities will also benefit greatly from this event.  New athletic facilities across the Greater Toronto Area will be owned and maintained by communities – rather than the Games.

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