They may call it “Country Rock (Wing Mirror)/1999”, but TORONTO knows it as the ‘rainbow tunnel’, a simple culvert on the right hand side of the northbound Don Valley Parkway. The artist, Edinburgh-born PETER DOIG, who once lived in TORONTO, painted the work in London.  On June 30 the painting will go on the auction block, as part of Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Evening Sale in London. Estimated value in the region of £9 million.


Constructed in 1962, painted by graffiti artist B.C. (Berg) Johnson in 1972, the tunnel is probably the most-viewed culvert in the world <PHOTO ABOVE – Vince Talotta/Toronto Star>.  Thousands of northbound motorists see it every day. In 2008, it even made the cover of a Tate Britain publication.


For more information on the tunnel itself and its colourful past –

Painting the lawrence tunnel

<PHOTO ABOVE – painting the tunnel’s interior, June 9/2013 by Bernard Weil/Toronto Star>  Another TORONTO painting by Peter Doig, sold in February, 2013 at Christie’s London. “The Architect’s Home In The Ravine” brought in a whopping $11.975 million at the Post-War and Contemporary Art sale.  This 1991 work depicts TORONTO architect Eberhard Zeidler’s modernist home at 11 Beaumont Road in Rosedale.


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