Academy Award-winning actor, WALTER HUSTON, slept here: 328 Wellesley Street East

WALTERHUSTON1   WALTERHUSTON2WALTER HUSTON, Toronto-born, began his academic career at WINCHESTER PUBLIC SCHOOL on Winchester Street east of Parliament.  After attending the Shaw School of Acting, he made his Broadway debut in 1924.  When talking pictures began, Huston set off for HOLLYWOOD, playing both leading man and character roles in countless films.  Among them – ‘The Virginian’, ‘Treasure of the Sierra Madre’ and D.W. Griffith’s ‘Abraham Lincoln’  WALTER HUSTON won both the Golden Globe and an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in ‘Sierra Madre’.  All of his grandchildren became actors, as well as his great-grandson.  He was the father of actor and director,  JOHN HUSTON, whose daughter is actor ANGELICA HUSTON.  Plaque locations: Winchester Public School and 328 Wellesley Street East in CABBAGETOWN.

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