BOULTON1SHAWN MICALLEF, “Full Frontal T.O.”: “The building at 140 Boulton Avenue is a perfectly Torontonian kind of building. It’s the TORONTO we know intimately because we walk by this house, and its analogues, all over the city, every day, but rarely pay them any attention; they really aren’t very pretty.  There 140 Boulton sits, squat, ramshackle and dishevelled – like somebody who’s been sleeping in the same clothes for days – on the corner by busy Dundas Street.  Few pay it any mind: it’s just one of the thousands of nondescript buildings that make up the wallpaper of our city. Across the street is the Boulton Parkette. It’s also the kind of parkette we like to keep here in TORONTO: its dishevelledness matches number 140, with bits of trash blowing around, a rusting iron fence, a worn-out lawn and some uneven interlocking brick.  We don’t do the Tuileries in TORONTO; Paris can have that kind of finicky formal park space our city seems to say, but we don’t have time for such frivolity.”PATRICK CUMMINS has photographed aspects of Toronto’s built environment since 1978. He has worked as an archivist with the City of Toronto since 1986, specializing in photographic, cartographic and architectural records. He has had work featured in several acclaimed photo exhibitions.

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