A multi-coloured Golf Arlequin on Sackville Street; 1 of only 264 in the world

There were only 264 Volkswagen Golf Arlequins in the world (probably fewer now), and at least one of them is in TORONTO.  After two cross-country trips to Vancouver, this multi-coloured vehicle now makes it’s home here.  Originally the series was created to tour International Auto shows.  The public loved them.Based on the 1996 Golf GL platform, the Arlequin features a limited edition paint scheme, limited edition sport cloth seats, and silver-faced gauges.  Several different wheel options were available.  The Arlequins were produced by swapping body panels from four different coloured Golfs.  The base colour is not repeated on any of the other body parts.<PHOTO ABOVE – another kind of Volkswagen from the Odd Vehicle Society on Facebook>

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