“There are more neighbourhoods in TORONTO than countries in the world” – Matt Shaw

NIGHT RIDE 1972CHARLES PACHTER’s “Night Ride”/1972 is on the cover of a new anthology of TORONTO stories published by Exile Editions.  “The Stories That Are Great Within Us” celebrates the multitude of neighbourhoods that make up this city, and the writers who understand them.  The collection is edited by BARRY CALLAGHAN, son of the late MORLEY CALLAGHAN, a Canadian literary icon.  Writer MATT SHAW: “For inhabitants, these named and unnamed slivers, rectangles and oblong plots evoke a sense of place or shared identity.  For outsiders, they are hazy as mirages.  Some are preceded by reputations. Others are evocative of cultures, landmarks, histories or flavours. The rest are known mostly to those who live there.”  Corktown, Leaside, Parkdale, Don Mills, Yorkville, Forest Hill, Little India, Malvern and Regent Park are all part of the patchwork that makes up Canada’s largest metropolis.CHARLES PACHTER is a Canadian contemporary artist, a painter, printmaker, sculptor, designer, historian and lecturer.  He lives and works in downtown TORONTO.

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