An enduring link between the Sundance Film Festival & the Toronto Int’l Film Festival


Hands across the border: 25-30 veterans of the Toronto International Film Festival pay airfare, food and sometimes lodging, and head annually to PARK CITY, Utah for ‘winter camp’ (aka the famed Sundance Film Festival).  The love of movies, camaraderie, atmosphere and parties keep them volunteering year after year.  WHITNEY CHANEY, Sundance’s manager of the volunteer program: “They’re the theatre managers.  If the programmer isn’t there, they’re also introducing the Q & A’s.  They’re running all the behind-the-scenes and they’re the leaders of the teams there.  It’s their house and their work.”  Sundance Director JOHN COOPER: “I know all about them.  I love them.  They’re very organized.  It’s an interesting world, this thing of film festivals, and it’s hard to learn.  Anybody who comes seasoned is a diamond for me, so I rely on them.”  PIERS HANDLING, Toronto International Film Festival’s CEO and director says “we are proud of these team members who are at the top of their field, whose talent is recognized and who travel to share their skills and experiences.”


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