Toronto Zoo’s polar-bear cub gains weight, is teething, growing whiskers, takes first steps

CUB4This little guy was one of a litter of three, born at Toronto Zoo on November 11/2013.  His two siblings died, and it looked for a while that he’d suffer the same fate.  But Zoo officials decided to transfer the cub to their Wildlife Health Centre, where he was put on an incubator and given ‘round the clock care.

Today, the cub is developing a thicker coat, growing whiskers, teething as his molars and incisors grow in, drinking milk six times a day, learning to lap milk from a dish, and playing.  It’s also beginning to take its first steps on all four legs.

Polar bears are considered species of special concern under Canada’s Species at Risk Act.  “Our Wildlife Care Team has been working around the clock to look after this special cub. We are very happy with his progress so far,” says Dr. Graham Crawshaw, a veterinarian at the Zoo.





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