With more than 2,000 exhibitors and 150,000 attendees, the massive Consumer Electronics Show in LAS VEGAS attracts people from all corners promoting their latest technological gizmos.  With so much chaos, it’s hard to stand out or make any kind of impression.  But one TORONTO-based startup is grabbing a goodly share of media attention.  InteraXon, is presenting its pride and joy – the culmination of a long road to market.  MUSE is a thin, plastic headband that connects to a tablet app, which then coaches its user to relax through a variety of exercises.  The app tracks the user’s progress by reading brainwave activity through the headband.The Muse uses data from the brain’s signals to control brain exercises, games and other tools and programs.  To shut out the surrounding chaos, InteraXon is using a see-through igloo-like structure called the Casabubble, which makes it much easier to focus.  ARIEL GARTEN of InteraXon to the TORONTO Star: “Everybody knows that you can eat better and that will make you healthier, or you go to the gym and that will make you stronger, but people don’t realize you can actually work with your mind too, and that’s also going to improve you, phenomenally. Here is a whole other area that you can work on, and that has tangible and palpable benefits.”

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