REMEMBERING Toronto’s SYDNEY NEWMAN, as “Dr. Who” is celebrated around the world

DR.WHO1DR.WHO2November 23/2013 was the 50th anniversary of the “Dr. Who” phenomenon – the television series initiated by Canada’s SYDNEY NEWMAN.  In 1952 Mr. Newman joined the infant CBC Television in TORONTO as Supervising Director of Features, Documentaries and Outside Broadcasts.  He produced some of the earliest live broadcasts of “Hockey Night in Canada”.  CBC made him Supervisor of Drama Production in 1954, where he oversaw shows such as the popular “General Motors Theatre”.  Several of his teleplays were shown on BBC television in the UK.

DR.WHO3In the late 1950’s Mr. Newman moved to the United Kingdom, working first for the ABC, and then joining the BBC in 1962.  There he developed two hugely popular television series – “The Avengers” and “Dr. Who”, which celebrates its 50th anniversary with a special round-the-world telecast shown in 180 countries.  Toronto-born SYDNEY NEWMAN went on to become “the most significant agent in the development of British television drama” (according to the Museum of Broadcast Communications).  “For ten brief but glorious years, Sydney Newman … was the most important impresario in Britain” (The Guardian newspaper/wikipedia)


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