A JUNCTION DISTILLERY makes the list of Blouin ArtInfo’s “World’s top 5 urban distilleries”

DISTILLERY1TORONTO, once home to the world’s largest distillery – Gooderham and Worts – has given birth to a much smaller version in the JUNCTION.  It’s the first since 1933 in a neighbourhood of “DIY urban regeneration (and ironically in an area that kept Prohibition until 2000).”


The Toronto Distillery Company – http://www.torontodistillery.ca – consists of one still, two friends, small numbered batches.  “It takes a regional, organic approach with all Ontario-sourced grains where everything can be traced back to a particular farm and harvest. In other words, terroir, something you don’t get much in the distilled spirits market; typically manufactured by cheap grains or neutral alcohol in bulk, and it’s all about the aging and barrels.  “Their 100% Organic Ontario Wheat run was said to have ‘slight maltiness and hints of violets’ on the nose, and notes of hot white pepper, bitter black licorice, and citrus on its ‘sweet, creamy’ palate.”  Other worthy distilleries in Blouin ArtInfo’s “top 5” are located in Boston, Detroit, London, and New York City.  Well done, JUNCTION!

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