The Mazzoleni, a Royal Conservatory concert hall, opened in 1901

TORONTO is a city rich in concert halls.  We have 5 downtown (Massey Hall, Koerner Hall, Roy Thomson Hall, the Glenn Gould Studio and the Mazzoleni) and 1 in North York (the Weston).  Of them all, the MAZZOLENI is the least well-known, overshadowed by its glamourous sister, the KOERNER.

MAZZOLENI1The MAZZOLENI, with 237 seats, is named after Dr. Ettore Mazzoleni, principal of the Royal Conservatory of Music from 1945-68, and director of the Conservatory Orchestra.  It opened in 1901 as the Castle Memorial Hall, with a chapel and stained glass windows on the ground floor, and a library on the lower level.  By the 1960s, the University of Toronto, which used the space as a lecture hall, bricked up the windows and removed a rear balcony.  Beginning in 1996, the Hall and the entire Conservatory were restored.

MAZZOLENI4GLENN GOULD – arguably the Conservatory’s most outstanding pupil – studied theory, organ, and piano, graduating at the age of 12 in 1946 with an ARCT diploma of the highest honours.


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