Abandoning a 20-year career in information technology, HENRY CHONG has become an industrial designer.  His pride and joy is the LIFEBIKE, a compact, lightweight two-wheeler, designed for city commuting.  It weighs 15 kilograms, including the lithium battery, gets up to 30 kilometres on five cents of electricity – and it’s good looking.


HENRY CHONG: “There are currently 150 million electric bikes in use worldwide.  But I believe no one has yet created a design best suited for how people live in cities like TORONTO, in small spaces as dictated by condos.  The freedom from congestion and costly transportation options can be extremely empowering.”

LIFEBIKE2A graduate of OCADU’s industrial design program, Mr. Chong developed the LIFEbike as his thesis project. He sought the assistance of MaRS Discovery District, a mission-driven innovation centre located in TORONTO. MaRS works with partners to accelerate innovation.  Its faith in the LIFEbike seems to be paying off.


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