Frank William Micklethwaite (1849-1925) & turn-of-the-century TORONTO

The legacy of FRANK WILLIAM MICKLETHWAITE is a huge collection of photographs portraying turn-of-the-century TORONTO and Ontario.  These unique images are more than ‘photographs of record’.  They make our city’s early streetscapes and architecture come alive.Born in Lancashire, England, he moved first to Ireland <PHOTO above – the family’s photography wagon, Ireland>, and then to Canada in 1875.  After three years of proofreading at the Globe, Micklethwaite opened a commercial photography business in downtown TORONTO.  Specializing in outside views and landscapes, as well as architectural images, he became one of this city’s best known photographers.  Many of F.W. Micklethwaite’s photographs are held by the Library and Archives of Canada and the City of Toronto Archives.  He died on December 5, 1925, and was buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery next to his wife, Ruth.

MICKLETHWAITE3MICKLETHWAITE6MICKLETHWAITE4MICKLETHWAITE2PHOTOS ABOVE1) Road and sidewalk repairs, Adelaide Street;  2) corner of Front and Yonge Streets;  3) corner of Church and King Street East;  4) the Micklethwaite studio above John Wanless Company

4 thoughts on “Frank William Micklethwaite (1849-1925) & turn-of-the-century TORONTO

  1. What gallery can I find his art in?

  2. Can you explain that for me I thought it was ART photography art?

  3. These photographs are in the collection of the City of Toronto Archives. You can see them by making an appointment and going to the Archive, which I believe is in City Hall.

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