National Geographic’s ‘Traveler’ gives TORONTO an A+++ review – May/2013 issue

TRAVELER1Those of us who live here know that TORONTO is a ‘happening’ town.  As urban guru and resident, RICHARD FLORIDA, puts it: “TORONTO is messy urbanism in action.  There are imperfect co-existences all around – man and nature, bikes and cars, religions and cultures atop one another – but always livable.”  Actress LISA RAY: “There should be something more romantic and fanciful and passionate to describe TORONTO than ‘livable’.  Can’t we call TORONTO sexy yet?”Read the entire 10 page story in the May/2013 issue of National Geographic’s ‘Traveler’ magazine.  Writer KATRINA ONSTAD and contributing photographer SUSAN SEUBERT give Big TO a once over, and conclude that Canada’s largest city has gone from bland to bold.It’s a tale of many cities in one – and we’re lookin’ good!

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