Eric Fischer maps TORONTO’s hot spots . . . where the action is

TORONTO is one in a series of cities mapped to show the places locals and tourists frequent.  Using images posted to the Geotaggers Word Atlas and placing them on a map, the images provide a handy travel reference to quiet spots and action spots in various metropoli.  In TORONTO’s case, the lights are much brighter downtown.

MAPPING <Downtown Toronto . . . blue dots – where locals have taken photographs over a month or so; red dots – where tourists have taken photographs>

ROSEDALE is a neighbourhood ready-made for urban explorers

. . . and a subway runs through it.  Get off at ROSEDALE station, walk east, and explore downtown’s version of Beverly Hills.  Spring is a good time to reconnoiter this neighbourhood.  It’s foliage-free at the moment, allowing unobstructed views of mansions, bridges and ravines.  A city bus circles the area, and subway trains pass by every 2-3 minutes.  Perfect hiking terrain.