TORONTO Power Generating Station, NIAGARA FALLS (now retired)

TORONTOPOWERBuilt in the Beaux-Arts-style and designed by architect E. J. Lennox, this station provided electric power for the City of Toronto from 1906 until February 15, 1974.  In its prime, it had a generating capacity of 137,500 horsepower.  Now the station is a national heritage site, maintained by the Niagara Parks Commission.  <PHOTO – Mike Garrett>

DA MAO and ER SHUN arrive in TORONTO on board the Panda Express

This is DA MAO, one of two giant pandas, on board the FedEx Panda Express last evening.  The pandas will spend 5 years at TORONTO’s Zoo; then another 5 in CALGARY.  They’ll be ready to meet the public on May 18.

And below, ER SHUN, the second panda.  After a welcome from the Prime Minister they were given a police escort to the Zoo.  <PHOTOS – Toronto Zoo and FedEx>

The Model Railroad Club of Toronto has left the building

Founded in 1938, The Model Railroad Club of TORONTO is one of North America’s premier 0-scale clubs.  (I.e. each quarter inch on the model = 1 foot in real life.)  And what a model!  The Central Ontario Railway is an enormous, intricately detailed microcosm of the 1950s transition-era railways of Ontario, crafted over 76 years by the club members.  The entire layout has been dismantled, and moved from a LIBERTY VILLAGE warehouse (formerly a wartime munitions factory) to a new location, 11 Curity Avenue, near St. Clair Avenue East and O’Connor Drive.  For up-to-date info:

Carla Hemlock’s tribute to the Mohawk ironworkers, who helped build Manhattan

“Tribute to the Mohawk Ironworkers”, 2008, by Carla Hemlock, pays homage to the Mohawk skyscraper builders from KAHNAWAKE reservation near MONTREAL.  For over a century, these fearless men have tread narrow steel beams high above MANHATTAN, working on iconic structures like the Empire State Building and the World Trade Centre.  Ms. Hemlock’s wall tapestry, in quilted cotton and beads, is part of the Smithsonian Institution collection in WASHINGTON, DC.