TORONTO’s ‘Third World’ bus terminal is in a good neighbourhood. So, relax.

BUS5Unlike most major cities, TORONTO’s Bus Terminal is right in the city centre, in a safe neighbourhood.  Day and night, public transport and taxi service is available.  The Terminal – now more than 80 years old – is woefully small; it’s been locked in on all sides by tall structures.  Several times a day, there are buses to Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Montreal, connections to all parts of Canada and the USA.  610 Bay Street, just north of Dundas West.  Subway stop – DUNDAS, and walk west one block.

BUS6<Overcrowded bus bays on Edward Street, PHOTO – SimonP/Wikipedia>  The way we were: back in the 1920’s and 30’s, coach travel was more ‘refined’ than it is today.  <PHOTO BELOW – City of Toronto Archives, Alfred Pearson>One Google critic says: “Quality Very good.  Compared to other comparable big-city bus terminals (Chicago, Denver, Cincinnati, Montreal, Seattle etc etc) this little old-fashioned station compared favorably.”

COGS CYCLE cheers up Gerrard Street East

COGS2COGS CYCLE, an independent bike (and coffee) shop, has put some pizazz into ramshackle Gerrard Street East.  Once a Newfoundland grocery store, Cogs is now the place for bike repairs and accessories in Riverdale and Chinatown East.  Around the corner – some of  TORONTO’s most expensive real estate.COGS3COGS4COGS5

Mississauga’s Absolute Towers wins Architecture Daily award

MISSISSAUGA’s Absolute Towers has won Architecture Daily’s ‘Building of the Year – Housing Category’ Award/2013.  Designed by Beijing’s MAD Architects, the two shapely towers (dubbed the Marilyn Monroes) have become landmarks for TORONTO’s next-door-neighbour.

An environmentally-friendly hotdog stand on Wellesley Street at Church

The owner of this little hot dog stand has been cleaning up after litterbugs, protecting a neighbouring tree, and doing his best to improve the urban environment.

HOTDOG1HIS SIGN READS – “Hello, dear friend, how are you today?/You know that I am a tree/My brother and I live in the cement box that you can see/with a limited amount of earth./We work for you./We clean the air so you can breathe easily./We want to ask if you do not throw your cigarette buds in our home,/the buds will poison us./We can help you so you can get clean air/and we just want some help too.”

Every city should have a poet laureate. George Elliott Clarke is our fourth.

POETLAUREATE1George Elliott Clarke, TORONTO’s new poet laureate, teaches literature at  the University of Toronto.  His recent awards include the Portia White Prize and a Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Fellowship.  Professor Clarke is the author of numerous books, the latest of which is ‘Red’ – which joins his previous ‘colouring books’ – ‘Blue’ and ‘Black’“Red rings with Clarke’s lush voice, full-throated and unparalleled.” – Amazon.


Astronaut CHRIS HADFIELD photographs Aurora Borealis, Sarnia & London

From the International Space Station, Canadian astronaut CHRIS HADFIELD continues to send us incredible photography of Planet Earth at night.  BELOW – 1) the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis over Canada and the United States;  2) SARNIA, Ontario, Chris’s hometown, and 3) the nighttime magic of LONDON, capital of the United Kingdom.