TORONTO’s ‘Third World’ bus terminal is in a good neighbourhood. So, relax.

BUS5Unlike most major cities, TORONTO’s Bus Terminal is right in the city centre, in a safe neighbourhood.  Day and night, public transport and taxi service is available.  The Terminal – now more than 80 years old – is woefully small; it’s been locked in on all sides by tall structures.  Several times a day, there are buses to Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Montreal, connections to all parts of Canada and the USA.  610 Bay Street, just north of Dundas West.  Subway stop – DUNDAS, and walk west one block.

BUS6<Overcrowded bus bays on Edward Street, PHOTO – SimonP/Wikipedia>  The way we were: back in the 1920’s and 30’s, coach travel was more ‘refined’ than it is today.  <PHOTO BELOW – City of Toronto Archives, Alfred Pearson>One Google critic says: “Quality Very good.  Compared to other comparable big-city bus terminals (Chicago, Denver, Cincinnati, Montreal, Seattle etc etc) this little old-fashioned station compared favorably.”

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