Quebec has discovered Ontario . . . and (gasp) TORONTO!

CHERSVOISINS1Time to brush up your French.  Jean-Louis Roy has written a new book – “Chers Voisins – ce qu’on ne connait pas de l’Ontario” (“Dear Neighbours – what you didn’t know about Ontario”), and it’s all about us.

Mr. Roy, a polymath, former editor of Le Devoir, head of la Francophonie, Quebec’s agent-general in Paris, and president of Rights and Democracy in Montreal, has painted an indepth picture of Quebec’s next door neighbour and major trading partner – O-n-t-a-r-i-o, and its capital city, T-o-r-o-n-t-o.

Columnist, JEFFREY SIMPSON: “What he finds is a province that has transformed itself into something he calls post-multicultural.  TORONTO, the focus of the book, he discovers to be a city where ethnicities blend and meet with more harmony than almost anywhere else on the planet.  The transformation of TORONTO impresses him, as does the city’s cultural and intellectual life . . . TORONTO is ‘une ville metisse’ (a city of mixed ancestry), its population mixture an ‘essential category for the current century and also a funamental tenet of humanity: diversity.”

Wow, Monsieur Roy, you’re making us blush!

<PHOTO – Jean-Louis Roy, Radio-Canada/Marie Sandrine Auger>



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