A new urban sport – Arctic-Temperature Cycling IN TORONTO & NEW YORK

WINTERCYCLINGStand on any major street corner in TORONTO during the early morning commute, and you’ll see them – several hundred hardy two-wheeled commuters, bundled up against the cold, in-bound to the office.  Among the earliest – MATT GALLWAY, CBC radio’s popular early-morning host, who leaves the house at 4 am and is on the air by 5:30.

WINTERCYCLING2In NEW YORK CITY, wintertime commuting is really catching on – with some suburbanites peddling over 40 miles into Manhattan.  Bridge crossings, icy roads, transport trucks and buses, coyotes, rain – nothing stops the NYC bike commuter.  “As long as it’s at least 10 degrees, I ride,” says Dr. Scott Bernstein, an electrophysiologist and assistant professor at NYU School of Medicine.  He commutes from Tarrytown to 34th Street and 1st Avenue.

2 thoughts on “A new urban sport – Arctic-Temperature Cycling IN TORONTO & NEW YORK

  1. yea, wright, don’t touch the bike during winter! 😉

  2. Today would be a challenge, with snow, freezing rain and a thunderstorm on the way. Be careful out there.

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