From the ultimate window seat, CHRIS HADFIELD photographs Canada in winter

Born in SARNIA, Ontario in 1959, former Royal Canadian Air Force fighter pilot, now astronaut, CHRIS HADFIELD, is circling the globe aboard the International Space Station.  Besides being an astronaut, he’s an excellent photographer.  His images are appearing in newspapers and other media around the world.  As the Space Station passes over the largest country in the world – Canada – Chris has been taking photographs of our landscape, cities and towns.  He’s also been busy talking with school kids via satellite, doing lengthy interviews on CBC radio and television, and even “dropping” the puck for last week’s Montreal-Toronto NHL game.  Toronto won by the way.

PHOTOS BY CHRIS HADFIELD BELOW1)  Toronto by day;  2) Montreal by day; 3) Toronto (left), Montreal (right), 350 miles in between: 4) Winnipeg; 5) Quebec City by night; 6) Detroit (top), Windsor, Ontario (bottom) by night 7) Calgary; and 8) Vancouver, British Columbia.  To learn more about Canada’s Space Program, check out the Canadian Space Agency @

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