3 thoughts on “Retail/wholesale cloth merchants . . . Queen Street, west of Spadina

  1. Reblogged this on filmcamera999 and commented:
    hey…..! queen street is the tops! this takes me back straight away to that area…!

    • Queen Street East and West are like chameleons. The street changes character every mile or so. Best place to take a streetcar ride.

      • ..i used to be a regular around the CityTV area at queen st….my friend has a clothes shop at that place called Black Market…at queen/john st…next to what used to be Pages bookshop…dont know what they have there now…..but going the other way was a revelation for me!
        ok, so the east side of the street is not that popular now, but its way funkier….! ive got some shots i took when i was theer…if i get the tiem, i’ll try and post them on here…

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