As innovative cities go – TORONTO is in the Top 10!

Here’s another one of those ‘feel-good’ lists, this time from AUSTRALIA.  From 2thinknow, a Melbourne-based consultancy, comes a list ranking 331 benchmark cities around the world.  TORONTO places very close to the top, as a “nexus city”, one of 33 urban areas that are at the heart of the global economy.  2thinknow‘s index is based on 162 indicators grouped into three general categories: cultural assets (arts, sports franchises); human infrastructure (startup companies, health, education); and networked markets — the city’s access to and role within the global economy.In a separate list of cities of the Americas, TORONTO placed fourth after Boston, San Francisco and New York, while MONTREAL placed seventh.2thinknow had this to say about T.O.: “The commercial, financial, and entertainment capital of Canada, TORONTO hosts the country’s version of Wall Street, where the Canadian stock exchange is centered. TORONTO, where more than 56 percent of employees have postsecondary degrees, has begun a concerted effort to improve the city’s energy efficiency, cut down on waste, and implement a greener way of life. The municipal government recently launched a project to accelerate development along its waterfront. Luxurious hotels and residential buildings such as Trump International Hotel & Tower are also under construction or have recently been completed.”  The ranking: 1) Boston  2) San Francisco Bay Area  3) Paris  4) New York City  5) Vienna  6) Amsterdam  7) Lyon  8) Copenhagen  9) Munich  10) TORONTO.

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