Wenlock & Mandeville – London’s Olympic & Paralympic mascots

Who can forget WENLOCK and MANDEVILLE, London’s Olympic mascots?  The kids loved them; adults thought they were creepy and kooky.  But whenever they appeared, these two made quite an impression.

* The headlight is the hire light of a hackney carriage – a London icon . . .  . * The eye is a camera lens, allowing them to record their journeys . . . . * The Olympic mascot wears the 5 Olympic rings as friendship bands, while the Paralympic mascot wears a personal best wristwatch which also displays the year of the games . . . . . * The three peaks on the Olympic mascot were inspired by the 2012 stadium roof, while the Paralympic’s head shape has been inspired by the agitos – the symbol of the paralympic movement . . . . . * The colour of the Olympic mascot shimmers through golds, silver and bronzes to reflect the colour of the medals

GRANT HUNTER, creative lead of the team at Iris Worldwide who designed the mascots – http://www.creativebits.org

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