FILMORE’S: ‘right this way, your table dance is waiting’

<PHOTO – Laura-Lynn Petrick/flickr> . . . . . .   JayneFinch writes:  “Everything in Filmores has been upgraded in renovations, BUT those original orange swag fringe chandeliers from the seventies remain static, permanent fixtures.  If lampshades could talk!Proof positive that TORONTO isn’t always so good – FILMORE’s, 212 Dundas Street East just goes on and on.  They have the best neon sign in town.And then, there’s the ghosts and old cantakerous, dearly departed George, Jerry the manager, the accountant who ran off with the money from upstairs, Jason the DJ, the innocuous Panty-Man, and of course The Girls and Roxy, Foxy, Chantel, Tall Tess, Finish Sasha the contortionist, Georgina with her perpetually collapsing lung, Quinn, Ingrid, Felicity and Jayne Finch, Gemini, Rochelle, Sandy, Maude and her sister, Sweet Jane from the Island, Emmanuelle, Jeez-Louise, Caroline and . . . Where are they now?” . . . . . .

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