TORONTO TREASURE – Evergreen Brickworks, 550 Bayview Avenue

Spend a day in this unique environmental Green Cities Centre, in the heart of the Don Valley.  This is where we made the bricks to build TORONTO.  A national charity, the Evergreen Brickworks are constantly changing.  Bike clinics, murals and art galleries, movies, hiking trails, a quarry garden, wildlife, a farmer’s market, industrial architecture, music, programming for children – and the original kilns and brick-making apparati.

Hiking boots memorial to A. P. Coleman (1852-1939), Quebec-born geologist, educator, scientist, prospector, canoeist, explorer, artist and lecturer.  “Geology was at once his vocation, his avocation and his recreation.”

GETTING THERE:  shuttle bus, 7 days a week, every half hour, from BROADVIEW subway station;  TTC’s 28A Davisville bus offers half-hourly service on Saturdays from 7:30am–6pm and Sundays from 8am–6pm.


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