An erudite defence of TORONTO streetcars – from a former TTC operator

Former streetcar operator, ROY WHITE: “I worked for the TTC from 1966 to 1974, including in a supervisory role on the St Clair street car line. I remember those days with great affection, working from the Wychwood car barns, I particularly remember coping with the snow storms which, in retrospect, were great fun, possibly less so at the time than my memory tells me. I had many an exchange of pleasantries with an irate passenger standing in a foot or two of snow. I have lived in England since 1974, returning on holiday a few times.” “I loved my time in Toronto, and believe you were very wise to retain the trams when everyone else including England was getting rid of them. This wisdom has been proved by the fact that trams have returned to the streets of LONDON, NOTTINGHAM, SHEFFIELD and other cities in the UK.  I have no knowledge of Mr Ford apart from limited reading online, but he is wrong about streetcars, which incidentally I do not remember in my time in Toronto being referred to as “trams”.

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