NEIL TA photographs TORONTO from a great height . . . Der Spiegel

TORONTO photographer NEIL TA,, urban explorer, rooftopper and traveller, is a risk-taker when it comes to capturing the city in all its splendour.  Here’s his description of the beauty of the “abyss”, published by the German news and photography magazine, Der Spiegel.

“With careful, slow movements I crept to the ledge.  I think it was a device for window cleaners.  I didn’t have a secure line or leash.  It was quite a spontaneous idea.

“This office tower lies in the city centre of TORONTO.  Forty floors via lift, and then through a small hatch to the roof, a photographer friend of mine accompanying me.

“I wasn’t at ease at first, and tried not to look down.  When I reached the abyss, I felt a rush.  I felt very much alive; the view of the city was one of a kind.  Below me lay Yonge Street, which is said to be the longest street in the world.

“I had a feeling of being together; being one with everything, the whole city.”


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