NEIL TA photographs TORONTO from a great height . . . Der Spiegel

TORONTO photographer NEIL TA, , urban explorer, rooftopper and traveller, is a risk-taker when it comes to capturing the city in all its splendour.  His description of the beauty of the “abyss”, published by Der Spiegel.  “With careful, slow movements I crept to the ledge.  I didn’t have a secure line or leash.  It was quite a spontaneous idea.  This office tower lies in the city centre of TORONTO.  Forty floors via lift, and then through a small hatch to the roof, a photographer friend of mine accompanying me.  I wasn’t at ease at first, and tried not to look down.  When I reached the abyss, I felt a rush.  I felt very much alive; the view of the city was one of a kind.  I had a feeling of being together; being one with everything, the whole city.”


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