Matt Green’s new project: to walk every street in New York City

When it comes to walkin’, no one can beat MATT GREEN, a former civil engineer and native Virginian.  He has already walked across the United States, from Rockaway Beach NY to Rockaway Beach, Oregon.  Now he’s tackling the Big Apple.  Over the next two years MATT plans to walk every public street, park and bridge in all five boroughs – around 8,000 miles – before he’s done.  His spectacular picture blog, complete with maps, videos and commentary, can be found at  He updates the blog almost every day.

We all love Manhattan, but MATT will take you deep into Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Staten Island too.  “At its core, my walk is an oxymoron: an exhaustive journey through an inexhaustible city.”  – MATT GREEN


Moving the old Terminal Building, Billy Bishop Island Airport, March/2012

Opened in 1939, the old clapboard Terminal Building at Billy Bishop Island Airport is temporarily moved for the construction of a new passenger tunnel.  This is the last surviving terminal in the TORONTO area from the early days of flight.  It’s now a heritage site.  The tunnel is expected to open in 2014.

<PHOTO – Johan Hallberg-Campbell,

The Imperial Pub, a downtown watering hole that still plays jazz 45’s

Thousands pass its red neon sign every day.  The Imperial Pub – 54 Dundas Street East – is one of TORONTO’s old watering holes, around the corner from Yonge-Dundas Square, and conveniently close to Ryerson U.

In the 1920’s Glover’s Cafeteria opened the building, with medical and dental offices upstairs.  A decade later, the offices were converted into nine hotel rooms in order to get a liquor licence.  York Region’s Police Chief and other investors renamed the cafeteria the Imperial Hotel <photo opposite, 1945>, and got down to the lucrative business of selling beer.

In the 1950’s, jukeboxes were installed.  To this day, the Pub plays jazz 45’s from the owner’s extensive collection.  Aquariums were installed on the first floor, the pub was extended to the second floor, and there’s now a rooftop patio.  In the 1970’s, the dividing wall between the men’s and women’s rooms were removed after changes to our conservative liquor laws.

TORONTO Life on the Imperial Pub: “Around the first-floor Aquarium bar, the clientele consists of tourists and regulars who seem to have been sitting there for centuries; stairs lead up to the Library Lounge, where students and motley intellectuals gather at ancient wooden tables. In summertime, the rooftop patio is charming.”