Ryerson University lights up Gould Street in blue and gold

A ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ lighting display crowns the rebuilt School of Image Arts, RYERSON UNIVERSITY, Gould Street.  This building will soon contain a spiffy photography gallery, a plus for the Yonge/Dundas neighbourhood. 

Here’s to “The Maple Leaf Forever” & the veterans who made it so

Canada’s first unofficial national anthem – “The Maple Leaf Forever” – was penned by Alexander Muir (1830-1906), principal of Leslieville Public School.  Legend has it that he was inspired by a stately maple tree at the corner of Memory Lane and Laing Street in the Leslieville neighbourhood PHOTO – Torie Gervais.  “The Maple Leaf Forever” is the official regimental march of the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, and the Royal Westminister Regiment.  The Maple Leaf Forever Park (PHOTO BELOW) is in LESLIEVILLE.“THE MAPLE LEAF FOREVER”
In days of yore, from Britain’s shore,
Wolfe, the dauntless hero, came
And planted firm Britannia’s flag
On Canada’s fair domain.
Here may it wave, our boast our pride
And, joined in love together,
The thistle, shamrock, rose entwine
The Maple Leaf forever!Chorus:
The Maple Leaf, our emblem dear,
The Maple Leaf forever!
God save our Queen and Heaven bless
The Maple Leaf forever!  <PHOTO BELOW – Maple Leaf Forever Park, Leslieville>Unfortunately, the Maple Leaf Forever tree is no more.  It crashed down in a windstorm on Friday night, July 19/2013.

Hiking up Broadview Avenue . . . Gerrard Street East to Pottery Road

BROADVIEW AVENUE, a north-south street bordering Riverdale Park East, is a worthy destination for urban explorers.  We begin at Gerrard and Broadview, the crossroads of Chinatown East (POSTCARD ABOVE); then comes the Old Don Jail, the National Presbyterian Museum; the repositioned and restored St. Matthew’s lawn bowling clubhouse; and the nearby statue of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen.

<PHOTOS – Above, 469 Broadview, John Cox Cottage, the 3rd oldest structure in the city, built originally of square cut logs, 1807; 660 Broadview, the home of William Peyton Hubbard (1842-1935), son of Virginia slaves, Toronto’s first black politician, first elected in 1894, won 13 consecutive civic elections, a baker, cab driver and businessman; the Playter Society Building. 757 Broadview, built by Albert and George Playter in 1909.  Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians played here regularly in the 1930’s; on the east side, Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic Church.>Neighbourhoods worth exploring on both sides of Broadview – restored worker’s cottages; a Don Valley/Brickworks lookoff at Chester Hill Road; the original Playter homestead (now being restored); the Playter Estate mansions; uphill and downdale Riverdale; and the restored Danforth Music hall, one of ten Allen theatres built following World War I.