Frances Loring & Florence Wyle – ‘Montparnasse’ on Glenrose Avenue

<PHOTO ABOVE – Frances Loring (1887-1968) and Florence Wyle (1881-1968), by Robert Flaherty, 1914>  . . .  . . Nicknamed “The Girls” – Frances Loring and Florence Wyle lived, worked and entertained in a converted wooden schoolhouse at 110 Glenrose Avenue, MOORE PARK. They became two of Canada’s best-known sculptors.  Their works can be found in the National Gallery of Art, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Timothy Eaton Memorial Church, Toronto General Hospital, in towns and cities across the country, on Toronto streets and in its parks.  Their studio building, which still exists today, was the site of frequent salons and gatherings for friends, supporters, art students, and established artists, including A. Y. Jackson and Arthur Lismer.  American-born, both died within three weeks of each other.  A parkette, established in 1984, is dedicated to the art and memory of these two famous women.  It’s a block north of their studio, at the corner of St. Clair Avenue East and Mount Pleasant Road.  “The Girls” were founding members of the Sculptors’ Society of Canada, 1928.


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