Biking or hiking – where Dundas West meets the Angus Empyr

Inner city TORONTO has few industrial parks remaining.  Most of the old warehouses have either been demolished or turned into lofts and galleries.  One of the parks (still kind of standing) is located near the intersection of the Dundas West (#505) and College (#506) streetcar lines.  That’s a good place to start a neighbourhood tour.

There’s a variety of things to see and do here, which makes this area worth biking or hiking around.  It combines touristy stuff with plain old industrial grit.   Within 10 or 20 minutes you can be in the Roncesvalles Polish Village (home of the Revue Cinema) or Little Italy with its restaurants, bars and coffee shops; expansive High Park; some of the city’s finest art galleries (Olga Korper, Christopher Cutts, Pace); and on streets of beautiful brick mansions.

Crossing the railroad bridge, you arrive at Sterling Road. Down there is the Nestle chocolate plant – home of Smarties, Kit Kat and Aero bars.  Smell cooking chocolate while perusing the decay and demolition of what used to be a significant part of our city’s industrial backbone.  From there, it’s 5 minutes to Morrow Avenue and the yellow brick gallery complex.  Then, west to Roncesvailles and High Park, or east to Little Italy.



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