RICHARD LONGLEY in NOW Magazine writes – “Founded in 1911, HAMILTON GEAR produced actuators that opened and closed the locks on the St. Lawrence Seaway; the pilot’s canopy of the Avro Arrow; and the sliding roof of the Rogers Centre (then known as the SkyDome). The company vacated the building in 1994, and suffered broken windows and graffiti. A magnificent specimen of Miesian Industrial beauty.”  <Photo above – Bob Krawczyk/Architectural Conservancy Ontario>


  1. Found AM 740, Toronto, while scanning the dial looking for a station that I would enjoy listening to because all of the stations I had been listening to in the past have changed their formats to become anything but interesting. I just want to say that I think AM 740 IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST! I love their music because it is both the kind I grew up with and on through the ones that bring back all the best memories of my Life. It’s a station that seems to make everything they broadcast pleasant listening, not only the music. May you keep on doing what you’re doing and never change.

    Bob DiFrancesco
    Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania

    P.S. If I ever move back to my home state of Connecticut, I hope the reception there is as good as it is here because I wouldn’t want to lose it.

    • There’s a romance to AM radio that you just don’t get with FM. As a teenager, I spent long weekend nights listening to many of the great American radio stations coming in loud and clear in Nova Scotia. Among them I’d list WBZ, WHDH (Boston), WKBW (Buffalo), WOR, WMGM, WNEW (New York), WSM (Nashville), WPTR (Albany), WWVA (Wheeling); Canadian stations CKGM (Montreal), VOCM (St. John’s, Newfoundland) and CKLW (Windsor). All of these stations had distinctive sounds and personalities. Today, AM stations are pretty much the same – syndicated talk shows, sports, 24 hour news cycles, or religion. How utterly boring they’ve become.

      AM740 is like a beacon for me. Thanks to Moses Znaimer (a Canadian radio, television, publishing, talent-discovering innovator) there’s something on the AM band worth listening to. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I enjoy your station over many as my most favorite, but I hate all the infomercials over and over again. I had called once to participate in one of your discussions when you had a guest and the woman that answered snapped at me and I never got to speak…YIKES!

    Also, many radio stations let you call in and comment to the DJ about what ever subject they may be talking about and lets the listener make a comment even if it is about a joke or something. They also let people make song requests. I tried calling your station and no one answers unless you are having a guest on the show to answers questions on a subject…how sad. I hope you take my comments into consideration and make some fun and good changes…Thank you

  3. Once in a while, I will pick up AM 740 during the night here in Ocala Florida. Sometimes it comes in loud and clear, but mostly fades on and off.
    I spend winters in Ocala and the other three seasons back in Rochester NY, almost right across lake Ontario from Toronto. 740 is my favorite station and my kind of music.
    Keep going strong 740. Love ya.

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